Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Comfort Song

Just copied the lyric of Comfort Song.  One my favorite song in Heartstrings. Love the lyric! :)

Enjoy the words:

Please smile,Don't be sad 
Its going to be alright , Don't cry anymore
That song I'm singing now
I hope its can bring you comfort
Give me a smile, Don't feel the hurt
Even its hard right now, its going to be alright
Time will pass
Everything will look up again
Smile.Look,aren't I by your side?
I love you, can you hear my heart?
no matter what others say, aren't we together ?
Smile.Look, right into my eyes
I love you , that heart who loves you
Won't ever change..just lean on my shoulder
Take a rest
give me a smile ♥

I'm here for you, i'm whom believes in you
Will always be by your side forever

Very nice, wasn't it? :)
Sleep well, tomorrow's gonna be a full of love day..  Saranghae! 

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